How Time Flies

Man, has it really been almost two weeks since I last posted?

How time flies when you are insanely-busy-slacking-on-working-out-not-eating-very-well.

Long walks have been about all I've managed to find time for lately. Alex has not been napping well, which means my usual routine of putting in a DVD or something on Comast (love me some Comcast yoga!) has been extremely difficult to come by. And there is absolutely no way that I can exercise with him running around. He's very insistent that I pay attention to him, and only him. All. The. Time.

Today I went back to my roots: I did level 1 of the Shred. I huffed and I puffed and at the end? I felt great.

If I can manage to squeeze more time into my day in order to fit in some Shredding again I think I can increase my weekly weight loss. This stall is getting to me, and seeing that flat line over the last few weeks on my weight loss graph is, well, not motivating.


I've decided to make breakfast a more important meal, and gone back to being immensely diligent about tracking what I put in my mouth. No more picking at Alex's food, no more "just one drink" a few times a week, and certainly no more giant splurges (Hello, Wendy's! when I totally screwed up our dinner the other night).

My mini goal is to be down to 151 by next Friday. That's a week and a half to lose about two pounds. With summer right around the corner? It's time to up the game. While I have absolutely no intention of putting on a bathing suit this summer, I would like to feel comfortable wearing a skirt and a sleeveless top.


Bill said...

Great job - that's a neat plot, too! (I'm an engineer, and love all things graph related).

I find going back to do Level 1 is really refreshing! It's HARD! But good.

Keep it up, you're doing great...

Chelsey said...

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